Weekend Musings + A Mini Progress Check


This weekend was full of basketball, good friends, and good times!  Kentucky is headed to the Final Four and Lexington is getting crazier by the minute.

On Friday we went to a friends house and grilled out burgers (with the free ground beef I scored!).  We topped them with cream cheese and sweet chili sauce… ok I know, sounds like the weirdest burger topping EVER but it was SOOOO GOOOOD!  We then put the baby to bed upstairs and sat around the fire pit talking about randomness until the game started at 9:45.  Somehow in the conversation, I opened up to my friends about my hormonal problems/infertility and my need to gain weight.  I’ve always been a very private person about things like this, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to actually talk about that stuff to real people!  Their reactions were much more positive than I was expecting and I feel kinda stupid for trying to hide stuff all the time.  I once heard at church that we intimidate others with our strength and connect to others with our weaknesses.  What a great example of how true this is!

Saturday was supposed to be the day of my big half marathon race.  I was registered and everything.  This was definitely one of my biggest obstacles to committing to full recovery… I just really didn’t want to let this race go.  But I did.  And the world is still turning.  On the bright side, I still got to go to the race as a volunteer.  The swim team I coach used it as a fundraising opportunity, so we were there cleaning up around the finish area.  But goodness, the weather was AWFUL.  It started out fine but the temperature plummeted and the rain and wind just kept picking up.  By the end, I was honestly glad I didn’t run it!

We spent that afternoon doing some major house cleaning and we started working on the master bathroom (which is currently not in use… our house was a disaster when we bought it last year!)  We went to another friend’s house for dinner that night.  The host is from California and her parents send her fresh produce all the time.  That girl can cook!  I am always so impressed with her dishes!

We went to the early church service on Sunday and then I worked in the nursery for the later service.  In the afternoon we went to yet another friends house to pick up some plants they are trying to get rid of since they are moving. We came home with several strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, arctic kiwi, and blueberry plants.  I think we are all set for berries this summer, y’all.  So excited about this!!!

After that, the cats played in the Elite 8 against Michigan and WE DID IT AGAIN!  So it’s on to the Final Four!

As of today, I have been through 5 weeks of ED recovery.  I thought I’d do a little “mini progress check” rather than a whole post.  There will be some numbers posted here, just FYI.

  • I am still gaining weight – it does not seem to be slowing down.
  • I have gained an additional 3 lbs since my last progress check.  My BMI is now 21.5.
  • Extreme hunger is gone.  What I’ve noticed is that my amount of weight gain does not seem to correlate with my actual intake.  For example, I’ve had weeks where extreme hunger has caused me to eat waaaayyy above my minimums, and weeks where I seem to be right on my minimums.  Yet I still seem to gain about 2.5 or 3 lbs a week.  I am really starting to see evidence that what I’ve been reading on Your Eatopia is true!  There is no need to fear extreme hunger!

How do you feel about running or any other aerobic exercise for those who are recovering from an ED?  Can it be done in a healthful manner?

Any ideas or recipes with berries?  I am probably going to end up with tons all at once!

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My Vague Attempts at Gardening

I have been casually mentioning gardening in recent posts and people have seemed interested, so I thought I’d share a little more about my new little hobby that I’ve been enjoying lately!

First of all, we bought our house a little less than a year ago as a foreclosure.  We got a sweet deal on it, but man oh man… it was a WRECK.  Due to budget constraints we decided to wait on fixing up the yard and just focus on the inside of this house.  But this year we decided that the yard needed to be cleaned up a bit.  Since I love cooking with fresh produce I tossed my husband the idea of having a backyard garden and he was all for it!  Yesterday construction officially began.

First thing we did was get rid of some really nasty dead/overgrown bushes and trees.  Getting the tree down is one thing, but chopping off all the branches into bundles to be discarded is even worse!  So tedious and time consuming, but it needed to be done.  We also had a Japanese maple tree in the backyard (in an existing plant bed) that we moved to the front yard.  The husband had to have help on that one… he even broke a shovel!  The tree still doesn’t have leaves on it from winter but here’s where it is now… I hope the poor guy survives!




This is the plant bed that the tree came from.  It is on the side of our yard (that fence is our neighbor’s).  We thought this space would be better used as a vegetable garden.  I am thinking of putting my early spring crops in there (broccoli and kale) since I think they’ll be okay with slightly less sunlight and cooler temperatures.  Last year I haphazardly threw some baby plants that a friend of ours gave to us and they grew pretty well!  We had tomatillos, rosemary, and cucumbers.  I am looking forward to having the extra space from the tree.

The next plant bed we built is in the back yard.  It is up against the back of the house next to the deck.  Our backyard gets a lot of sunlight, so the house won’t really block it until late in the evening.  Our yard also slopes down, so we thought it’d be better up on the higher ground.  It’s actually the perfect location since it’s right between the deck and the basement stairwell.  This is where we’d like to put our summer crops – right now I’m thinking tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash.  The pallets in the back will be helpful for the tomatoes to grow on too!


We are thinking of building another one of the same size right next to it.  What do ya think??  I really want another one, but we would have to buy more soil… which is not cheap!


This is also where the all the tree/bush mess was.  Thank goodness for husbands for this type of stuff!  I let him do most of the hard labor… I spent half the day chasing a toddler trying to keep her from eating dirt and pulling rocks out of her mouth.


I am looking forward to the warm weather and getting to put these little babies into the garden!  I know my approach is far from scientific, and there’s a fair chance it will all be a flop.  But I’m okay with that.  I really enjoy getting outside in nature and am hoping to learn throughout the process rather than spend my days reading gardening books.

Do you like gardening?  What are the easiest crops to plant in your opinion?

What would you most like to grow if you could grow anything?