Five Things (Good) Friday

Hope everyone is having a spectacular Good Friday!  I know many people who are off work today, but sadly the husband is still working and I actually had to run some errands at the school this morning.  Nevertheless, I am excited about the upcoming Easter weekend!

5 Things I’m Doing This Weekend:

  1. Trying to convince one of my parents to come and visit.  It’s a long shot, but worth a try!
  2. Instead of a fancy Easter dinner, we’re going to have a huge braai (or is it braii? haha not sure – but it’s basically a barbeque or cookout) at another South African friend’s house.  We knew some people who just moved across the country who owned a restaurant and a farm here in town.  So they just left behind a ton of meat in the freezer which is sure to be delicious.
  3. Easter church service.  We’re gonna try and recruit friends to go with us this time.  The Easter service is always spectacular.  I’ll also be volunteering in the nursery this weekend!  Yay for babies 🙂
  4. Trying to scout out some baby heirloom tomato plants.  It’s kindof getting too late to start from seeds, so we’re looking for transplants.  I really want heirlooms though and they are not easy to find!
  5. Finishing the master bathroom.  Blech.  Not a fun job, but it needs to be done!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

  1. Wraps of all kinds!  It’s my new go-to lunch these days.  April 005 (2)
  2. Black bean fajita casserole.  Original recipe that I plan on posting!  Stay tuned 🙂  April 004
  3. Nutella hot chocolate cake.  Some friends invited us out to dinner but we had already eaten so we decided to stop by for dessert.  It did not disappoint.
  4. Grapes.  Perhaps this is a pregnancy craving.  I love fruit, but grapes have never been at the top of my list.  Interestingly enough, the 2 most common pregnancy cravings are ice cream and fruit!
  5. Mango salsa strikes again!  I can’t get enough of this stuff.  I promise there is a big piece of salmon hidden under the mountain of salsa!  April 001

5 Things I’ve Pinned:

  1. Awesome leggings!  Women leggings, Flower Leggings, Colorful Leggings, Yoga Leggings, Pattern Leggings, flowers  Leggings, tribal leggings, aztec leggings
  2. Asparagus & Ricotta Pizza.  Shaved Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza by justataste   #Pizza #Asparagus
  3. Chocolate Cream Pie.  Chocolate Cream Pie is an easy homemade custard dessert
  4. Nectarine and Burrata Bite Crostini.  So fancy.  Nectarine and Wisconsin Burrata Bite Crostini with a sugared gremolata is perfectly sweet and tangy over creamy cheese
  5. This swimsuit!  Love the crossover top and the print on the bottom!  Want.  L*Space 'Wild & Free Black' Bikini | Orchid Boutique.


5 Glamorous Things About Parenting A Toddler:

  1. Boogers/snot smeared on your chest.  They will avoid the tissue at all costs, but can’t wait to get a good wipe in on your clean shirt.
  2. Beans are yummy, but not easily digested by a toddler.  That was not a fun diaper.
  3. Digging in dirt happens every. single. time. they go outside.  Black fingernails are gross.
  4. They giggle at their own farts.
  5. They dig things out of the trash can because surely this is just a giant stinky toy box.  (I think it’s time for a baby-proof trashcan!)

Have a glorious Easter weekend!


WIAW – Chicken Salad & Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Eeeek! I am getting behind here y’all! Things have been busy this week… our swim team banquet is tomorrow and I’ve been running around like a madwoman trying to get everything organized and ready in time. Decorations, RSVPS, awards, writing a speech, making a program… this list goes on! Let’s just add on the fact that my toddler’s incisors are growing in and she is not a happy camper. She consoles herself by chewing on metal objects. Poor girl must be in pain 😦 I am ready to be done with teething.

Breakfast took a turn for the savory this morning. 2 scrambled eggs (which I formed into a patty… this is a good trick!) on potato bread toast with butter. A ripe and juicy pear on the side. I also had some of the baby’s toast since she decided it looked better on the floor.20140408-141505.jpg

Then it was off to yoga! Clearly breakfast was not enough because I was straight up starving when I got back. Good thing I already had my delicious chicken salad prepared in advance! My chicken salad sandwich (featuring potato bread again) was gone in about 5 seconds. I also snacked on some carrots and fresh mozzarella slices (so good. SO good.)


Not gonna lie, my chicken salad gets some pretty rave reviews. I don’t have a recipe per se, but here’s what goes into it:

  • Cooked, shredded chicken. (Use bone-in skin-on chicken breasts. Simmer in chicken or vegetable broth along with some dried celery flakes and bay leaves. Cook at LEAST one hour… you want it to be very tender. Make sure it is just simmering and not boiling, or the chicken will be tough and dry.) Once cooked, allow to cool with bone and skin still intact, THEN shred it.)
  • Finely chopped celery
  • Chopped pecans
  • Craisins
  • Celery Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onion Powder
  • Hellman’s REAL mayonnaise
  • Full-fat or lowfat plain yogurt (use more mayo than yogurt… but the yogurt is still important for the “tang”)

After lunch I had a killer smoothie/milkshake. Cocoa, peanut butter, frozen banana, yogurt, almond milk, and ice. <—This flavor combo works for so many different things! I had some spinach I needed to use up and thought about adding it to the smoothie. But I was like “mehhh then it might not taste like dessert!” so I left it out. Today has not been very veggie-licious. It happens.


Today WAS very snackalicious. Lazy = cereal and chocolate chips.



Yet another snack for the day was some leftover chicken dipped in the best. condiment. of. all. time.  Mrs. Balls chutney!  (Ms. J knows what I’m talkin bout, right??)  It’s a sauce that they use on all kinds of stuff in South Africa.  We bring home a few bottles every time we visit.  Sadly this is our last one 😦



For dinner, I really wanted Panera for some reason, so I decided to recreate it at home.  It was a MAJOR success guys.  I used this recipe for broccoli cheese soup made from scratch.  It was divine, and I’m so proud of myself for not burning the roux.  It was warm cheesy goodness!  We also baked an (unpictured) loaf of french bread which soaked up all the delicious soup.  I also paired it with a side salad (homemade dijon balsamic dressing, baby romaine, cucumbers, red onions, gala apples, and pecans).


It was nice to finally have a low key sort of night.  After the baby went to bed, we watched 2 episodes of Revolutions on Netflix while snacking on yogurt + granola + chocolate chips.  I must be getting old if this is my kind of night. Ha!  We’ve been doing lots of social things lately – here is the evidence – me wearing MAKEUP… for like probs the 3rd time this whole year.  Big accomplishment!


So sometimes it’s nice to be introverted for a little while!

What do you like to order at Panera?

What’s your favorite kind of soup?

Do you like to wear makeup?

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Recovery or Not, Greasy Hashbrowns are Gross.

Six solid weeks have passed since I embarked on my total recovery journey, but it feels like just yesterday.  Though I have seen significant progress, especially when it comes to weight gain and calories eaten, some things happened this week that made me realize that my mental journey is far from over.  Let me explain.

I woke up and had a smallish breakfast around 7:30 – a yogurt bowl.  I knew that we would likely be meeting friends out for brunch, but there was no way I was gonna make it that long without eating.  I ended up eating my brunch around 10:30-10:45ish.  The problem was that we went to a really greasy restaurant that has very little options to choose from. It is seriously the last place I would have chosen, but that was what the group of about 10 or so wanted to do.  I wasn’t going to just sit there and starve, so I did the best I could by ordering an omelette with ham, tomato, onion, and cheddar with a side of hashbrowns and toast (no substitutions available on the sides unfortunately).

But after brunch, I felt miserably sick.  I kept burping up the greasy hashbrowns, and I was in a FOUL mood.  And that mood continued for the next 3 hours or so until my stomach started feeling better.  I was just so mad at myself because it’s like I KNEW that was going to happen.  And then I started thinking, “If I wasn’t expecting to feel sick and miserable, would I still feel sick and miserable?  How much of this is all in my head?”  As I laid there, I had to pick through my thoughts and identify what is “normal” and what is “disordered.”

Disordered Thoughts:

  • I should only have a small breakfast since I already ate something this morning.
  • I shouldn’t be hungry right now.  Am I really hungry?
  • I can’t eat that.  It will make me feel sick.
  • I am not going to enjoy this breakfast because the food doesn’t meet my standards.

Normal Thoughts

  • I don’t like greasy hashbrowns.  They don’t taste great, and I’d rather not eat them.
  • I will order what sounds good at this particular moment.
  • I will make the best of this moment to enjoy spending time with friends.

I was having an internal battle between these opposing thought, and unfortunately, I feel like the disordered ones won out this time.  The important thing is that I have learned something from this.  If I had been presented with the situation again, I would know what to do.  And I would definitely not let it affect the rest of my day.

The only thing I still don’t understand is why did I feel sick in the first place?  Is it mental?  Or did it actually make me feel sick?  Is it that my GI system is just not able to handle the fat load after years of restriction?  When I am fully recovered, will I be able to eat greasy hashbrowns without feeling sick?

But that isn’t the point, really.  The point is that sometimes I feel like I am trying too hard to “prove” to myself that I am recovering.  That I can face those greasy hashbrowns without looking back.  But what it all boils down to is that I really just didn’t want the dang hasbrowns.  I’ve never really cared for them, ED or not.  Recovery looks different for everyone, and just because I’d rather turn down one junk food doesn’t mean I’m inviting ED back into my life.  I wholeheartedly believe that unrestricted eating is crucial to full recovery.  But I also believe that eating healthy foods is the best way to nourish your body.

So next time I feel the pressure to stick it to my ED by eating a junk food, I need to stop and remind myself that I don’t need to prove anything to anybody… not even myself!  I am trying to HEAL by eating what my body wants at any given time.  I know that some people like to see recovery as a battle.  But for me, it is not a battle.  It is a spiritual journey of healing and self love.  Yes, there are some days I feel powerful and strong, but there are also days where I need Christ to hold my hand every step of the way.  Remember, we are all trying to get to the same place [recovery], but not everyone takes the same path or goes at the same pace.

No questions today, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

WIAW – Adios, Winter! For Real This Time.

Many thanks to Jenn for hosting yet another What I Ate Wednesday! Before we get into today’s eats, I thought I’d expand on some stuff I discussed not too long ago regarding going back to full time employment. After some reflection I know that, in my heart, where I want to be is at home raising my baby/babies. BUT I also know that I am not in control of when the Lord will decide to expand our family, and I don’t think sitting around just waiting for it is the best option either. I h ave decided to to put myself out there and look for jobs that look like they could turn into promising careers. In other words, I am being picky! I have to make sure that I’m getting paid what I deserve and that it will offset the costs of paying for childcare. And I also have to make sure that it is something I can truly enjoy for the long haul. Right now there is only one job I’ve found that fits the bill… so we shall see where this leads!

On to the foods!  Today is all about warm weather foods.  My cravings seem to go along with the season.  So bye bye comfort food, hello fresh produce and ice cream!

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl again! I know, I know… I had a yogurt bowl last time I posted. But it is a yoga day and this seems to sit the best in my stomach, yet gives me the energy I need to get me though class without getting hungry.


My bowl was full of strawberries, kiwi, Cascadian Farm ancient grains granola (my fav!), raw oats, whole milk plain yogurt, shredded coconut, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and cinnamon! My husband is the one who contributed this cute little kitchen gadget to the marriage… a strawberry slicer! I actually laughed at him when he unpacked it to put in the kitchen when we first moved in together.


Lunch was a mega salad! Romaine, cucumber, avocado, tomato, gorgonzola cheese, pesto, dijon mustard, and balsamic glaze all topped with a runny yolk fried egg! I looooove runny eggs on top of my salad! I’ve you’ve never tried it then you MUST.


Lunch was followed by a little peanut butter – chocolate yogurt in a mug. Almost forgot to snap a pic but remembered toward the end. This stuff tastes like pudding!


I found myself still hungry about 20 minutes later and looked back and realized that I was seriously lacking in the carbs department! No wonder I was still hungry! I then had a slice of bread with nutella. No picture here because… well, as delicious as nutella+bread is, it is not the most visually pleasing.

I had 2 afternoon snacks today – both a savory and a sweet!  The savory was carrot sticks with Trader Joe’s spinach and kale dip.  The sweet was my modified version of ants on a log – celery topped with peanut butter, craisins, and mini chocolate chips!


Dinner was my delicious tilapia with mango salsa! This is such a great warm weather dish. We served it with a side of (white!) rice and asparagus (with butter, salt, and pepper). White rice is so much tastier than brown in my opinion. And hooray for asparagus season! One of my husband’s friends does a lot of gardening and he offered to give us an asparagus plant… pretty excited about that! Pretty soon our entire backyard will be garden, and I am okay with that.


Yeah, sorry about the sideways pic… there wasn’t a simple way to turn it around so I was like meh whatevs.  In case you’re wondering, the salsa has mango, red onion, jalapeno, red pepper, cucumber, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and pepper.  Good stuff, y’all!

We had some errands to run after dinner so dessert had to be put on hold for a while.  But you better believe it took me all of 5 seconds after we got back home for me to be in the kitchen whipping up some mug cakes.  I really wanted a milkshake but we didn’t have the ingredients.  These are vanilla cakes topped with peanut butter and more chocolate chips.


There may or may not have been a couple strawberries consumed before bed…

Incidences of chocolate in my day = 3.  Average.  Hope your day is ABOVE average – both in terms of chocolate as well as life in general 🙂

Tell me what awesome eats you’ve had lately!

What’s your favorite fish recipe?

How many times did you eat chocolate today?

WIAW + Spring Snow, Yoga, & Allegiant


This morning we woke up to this frosty view.  What the heck spring?  It has continued to snow on and off all day.  I think all of us in Kentucky can agree… we’re sick of the white stuff!  Hopefully this is the LAST time!

Anyhoo, I started off the morning with a yogurt bowl (which I was already halfway through before I remembered to snap a pic!)  I used plain yogurt, granola, oats, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, coconut, pumpkin seeds, pecan, and pumpkin pie spice.  Twas quite a bowl.


After breakfast, the baby and I headed to yoga class.  I am making big progress in my flexibility and I am getting more comfortable in my poses.  It is nice when you know exactly what you’re supposed to do and you’re not craning your neck trying to see what the instructor is doing!  I remembered my tumbler so I filled up on free decaf coffee at the gym after class.


Lunch was a turkey pesto sandwich with parmesan, lettuce, and kumatos (brown tomatoes – they were sweet and delicious!) on multigrain bread.


Eaten with a side of raw veggies and Trader Joe’s spinach and kale dip!


This dip is seriously yummy.  As much as I really hate the “reduced-guilt” label, (why should we EVER feel guilty for eating? why are companies promoting this??) I can’t help but love it.  I tried their full-fat spinach dip (guilty dip? haha) and it is nowhere near as good as this one!


I also sipped on this juice throughout the day.  No, of course I didn’t drink it straight from the bottle…


I also had a little dessert after lunch in the form of homemade “froyo.”  It’s made with frozen banana, yogurt, cocoa, and peanut butter.


While enjoying this delicious concoction, I got an email from the library.  MY COPY OF ALLEGIANT WAS READY FOR PICKUP!!!  HALLELUJAH!!  Haha I had been on the waitlist for about a week.  It seemed like a year, guys.  Can’t wait to dive in to book #3!!  When we were about to head out I looked at my daughter dressed in red and yellow and thought “doesn’t she just look like an adorable Amity baby?”  I’m sorry, my nerdness can’t be controlled.


Once baby was napping, I got snackity and had some more spinach and kale dip with pita crackers this time.  I also had some unpictured chocolate covered pretzels filled with peanut butter.  Yes, they’re just as heavenly as they sound!


Dinner was AMAZEBALLS if I do say so myself.  I made this pepperoni spaghetti squash pizza pie and ummm… holy yum!  Baby and I could have easily polished off the whole thing but we had to share with husband.


So instead of hogging the whole pie, I made a little 2-minute chocolate chip mug cake.  Ugly picture, but I was trying to eat it at the same time.


I will most likely eat a snack before bed too… probably fruit or cereal.  Or both.

I also realize that I’ve had three forms of chocolate today.  This is a normal occurrence.  Chocolate is good.

How many times a day do you eat chocolate?

Which faction would you choose???

I mean I’d like to say I’m bad-ass enough to be Dauntless… and I’m pretty sure my former high-school aged self would have fit the profie.  But now I think it’s just wishful thinking.  I like gardening so maybe I should be Amity??

Five Things Friday

5 Blogs I’m Reading:

  1. Fitting It All In
  2. Your Eatopia
  3. Better with Sprinkles
  4. Run Pretty
  5. My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries

My blog reading has shifted a lot from HLB’s that focus on diet, nutrition, and fitness to ones that focus on balance, ED recovery, and life in general.  Right now I’m enjoying people who just want to be REAL rather than be the best. Sadly, I’ve had to stop visiting a few of my old faves since it can sometimes be triggering to slip back into my old ways.  Hopefully with time I can overcome this!

5 Things I Ate:

  1. Pizza!! BBQ pizza with roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, and arugula.  I think the recipe came from Healthy Tipping Point?Displaying image.jpeg
  2. Homemade chicken salad sandwich with cranberries and walnuts.  I haven’t had chicken salad in like 2 years!  What was I waiting for?Displaying image.jpeg
  3. Plantain protein pancakes with honey, shredded coconut, and pumpkin seeds.Displaying image.jpeg
  4. Baked mahi mahi over arugula with mango salsa.  Wish I had a photo of this guys… it was so pretty!!
  5. Real.  Ice.  Cream.  Not fro-yo.  Not frozen bananas.  The real deal from Baskin Robbins.  I can’t even remember the last time I let myself have real ice cream.  I don’t even remember what flavor I had.  All I know is it did NOT disappoint… and I felt zero guilt afterward.  Win.

5 Things I Bought:

  1. Pink Kentucky jersey for baby.  I know we suck at football.  I don’t care.  This is so cute it makes me cry.Displaying image.jpeg
  2. Baby sandals.  Adorbs – but they’re almost too small already.  I hope they still fit for our vacation in May!  Sidenote: it is nearly impossible to take pictures of baby feet – they never stay still!  Also, she cried when I tried to take them off.Displaying image.jpeg
  3. Ralph Lauren button down sleveless top with khaki shorts.  Again, I die from cuteness.  What a little prepster she will be.Displaying image.jpeg
  4. Striped yellow outfit for spring.  We needed some stuff for the cooler months and we don’t have anything yellow.
  5. Swimsuit for Florida in May!  Her others are too small now.

Aaaaannnnd… I realize that everything I bought was for the baby.  In my defense, it got it all for $26 at a consignment sale!

Five things I’m looking forward to:

  1. SPRING!!  Enough said.  Melt, snow, melt!!
  2. Florida vacation in spring.  Beach beach beach!!  Tan tan tan!!
  3. Our first wedding anniversary next month!
  4. Spending more quality time with my little stinker now that coaching is over.
  5. More ice cream.  Definitely more ice cream.
What do you think?  Froyo or real ice cream?  What have you all been looking forward to lately?
Happy Friday everyone ❤