Five Things (Good) Friday

Hope everyone is having a spectacular Good Friday!  I know many people who are off work today, but sadly the husband is still working and I actually had to run some errands at the school this morning.  Nevertheless, I am excited about the upcoming Easter weekend!

5 Things I’m Doing This Weekend:

  1. Trying to convince one of my parents to come and visit.  It’s a long shot, but worth a try!
  2. Instead of a fancy Easter dinner, we’re going to have a huge braai (or is it braii? haha not sure – but it’s basically a barbeque or cookout) at another South African friend’s house.  We knew some people who just moved across the country who owned a restaurant and a farm here in town.  So they just left behind a ton of meat in the freezer which is sure to be delicious.
  3. Easter church service.  We’re gonna try and recruit friends to go with us this time.  The Easter service is always spectacular.  I’ll also be volunteering in the nursery this weekend!  Yay for babies 🙂
  4. Trying to scout out some baby heirloom tomato plants.  It’s kindof getting too late to start from seeds, so we’re looking for transplants.  I really want heirlooms though and they are not easy to find!
  5. Finishing the master bathroom.  Blech.  Not a fun job, but it needs to be done!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

  1. Wraps of all kinds!  It’s my new go-to lunch these days.  April 005 (2)
  2. Black bean fajita casserole.  Original recipe that I plan on posting!  Stay tuned 🙂  April 004
  3. Nutella hot chocolate cake.  Some friends invited us out to dinner but we had already eaten so we decided to stop by for dessert.  It did not disappoint.
  4. Grapes.  Perhaps this is a pregnancy craving.  I love fruit, but grapes have never been at the top of my list.  Interestingly enough, the 2 most common pregnancy cravings are ice cream and fruit!
  5. Mango salsa strikes again!  I can’t get enough of this stuff.  I promise there is a big piece of salmon hidden under the mountain of salsa!  April 001

5 Things I’ve Pinned:

  1. Awesome leggings!  Women leggings, Flower Leggings, Colorful Leggings, Yoga Leggings, Pattern Leggings, flowers  Leggings, tribal leggings, aztec leggings
  2. Asparagus & Ricotta Pizza.  Shaved Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza by justataste   #Pizza #Asparagus
  3. Chocolate Cream Pie.  Chocolate Cream Pie is an easy homemade custard dessert
  4. Nectarine and Burrata Bite Crostini.  So fancy.  Nectarine and Wisconsin Burrata Bite Crostini with a sugared gremolata is perfectly sweet and tangy over creamy cheese
  5. This swimsuit!  Love the crossover top and the print on the bottom!  Want.  L*Space 'Wild & Free Black' Bikini | Orchid Boutique.


5 Glamorous Things About Parenting A Toddler:

  1. Boogers/snot smeared on your chest.  They will avoid the tissue at all costs, but can’t wait to get a good wipe in on your clean shirt.
  2. Beans are yummy, but not easily digested by a toddler.  That was not a fun diaper.
  3. Digging in dirt happens every. single. time. they go outside.  Black fingernails are gross.
  4. They giggle at their own farts.
  5. They dig things out of the trash can because surely this is just a giant stinky toy box.  (I think it’s time for a baby-proof trashcan!)

Have a glorious Easter weekend!


Five Things Friday – Cookies + Garden Extravaganza!

Okayyyy first let me apologize about the bullets + numbers thing going on in this post. I was clearly having some formatting issues between word and wordpress. Blogging expert I am not. I’ll get the hang of it one day!

Alrightey – 5 Things Friday, ready GO! (Thanks again for hosting Clare!)

five things friday - fitting it all in blog


Five Things I’ve Eaten

  • 1. Mangoes for days! They were perfectly ripe and a dollar each. (They were also great in my tilapia with mango salsa!)
  • 2. Pesto-balsamic chicken. I didn’t get a pic dangit! Basically just brush on some pesto then drizzle with balsamic glaze and bake.
  • 3. Yogurt. Lots and lots of it! I’ve been loving Stonyfield’s plain whole milk variety. So rich and creamy! I eat it for breakfast and dessert (well, with the addition of some chocolate and peanut butter !)
  • 4. Homemade cookies. It’s been far too long since I’ve made homemade cookies. These peanut butter cookies really hit the spot! Real butter, real sugar, you know… the whole shebang. I halved this recipe and tweaked it with the addition of vanilla extract. Vanilla can only make things better.20140403-200509.jpg
  • 5. Asparagus! Twice in one week. It’s been on sale for less than $2 a bunch so I can’t resist. Plus, it goes great with fish, which I’ve also had twice this week. Now if I could just get my toddler to eat it…

Five Things To Do In April

  • 1. Watch the Kentucky Wildcats win their 9th National Championship! *Fingers crossed!*
  • 2. Celebrate Easter! I mean really celebrate the meaning behind it. This is my first Easter since I have been baptized.
  • 3. Baby girl’s first Easter egg hunt! Haha she’s not doing so good with her “training” plan that we devised. Oh well, she’ll still have fun!
  • 4. Make our backyard pretty! We have been removing dead trees and weeds the past couple days and it is hard work. Hopefully it all pays off!
  • 5. Celebrate both my husband’s birthday… he’ll be 28 on the 23rd! And our first wedding anniversary on the 10th (unfortunately the swim team banquet is on our anniversary… so we will be celebrating on the 11th!)

Five+ Things in my Garden – we shall see what actually produces!

  • 1. Broccoli
  • 2. Kale
  • 3. Strawberries
  • 4. Raspberries
  • 5. Blueberries
  • 6. Blackberries
  • 7. Bok Choi
  • 8. Spinach
  • 9. Bibb Lettuce
  • 10. Mesclun
  • 11. Arctic Kiwi
  • 12. Mint (in a pot)
  • 13. Basil (in a pot)
  • 14.  These beauties.
  •   20140403-200557.jpg
  • I’d really like to do another garden post here soon. We’ve made a lot of progress, including adding a second raised bed and cleaning out some additional old beds. If all of this works out we’re going to be eating super healthy this summer! And it will drastically reduce our grocery spending.

Five Random Thoughts In My Head

  • 1. Warning – girly/period/HA-related talk here! Okay, call me crazy, but I seriously think I actually FELT myself ovulate. There was a somewhat sharp, but not strong, lingering pain in my lower left abdomen, right where my ovary is. Then pain lasted about 16 hours and then disappeared completely. I know self-diagnosis is stupid, but it all checks out… ovulation pain! If this is true, then I am so so so happy y’all. If not, well, then I’m not upset either.  I will keep you posted on whether or not the monthly visitor decides to show up!
  • 2. I keep thinking about this article that discusses the relationship between eating disorders and cancer. Very interesting! Check it out at
  • 3. I can’t decide where I want to go out to eat for our anniversary dinner. I can’t even decide on a type of cuisine. Why is it that husbands can be so opinionated at times, yet when you really need their opinion, they just want to be “nice” and let you decide? Harumph.
  • 4. Yard work is so freakin hard you guys. On Wednesday, I cut down a whole TREE with a saw. I then sawed off every single branch until it was nothing but a log. I conquered that tree. Sidenote, I really hate to cut down a tree that isn’t dead. But this one was blocking light in our garden and might have kept our plants from growing. Plus in was planted like right up next to the house and blocked the light coming in the living room window. [Me after tree… so hawt.]20140403-200806.jpg
  • 5. I have had bizarre nightmares/dreams for the past couple nights. One night I had 3 separate dreams. I had to wake up and pee in between each one. What’s crazy is that I remembered all 3 of them, which is most likely due to the fact that I got up and consciously thought about each one before going back to bed.

What big things are you doing in April?

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Can anyone identify that flower??  If I was in Hogwarts, I would fail herbology fo sho…






Five Things Friday 3.14.14

Note:  I have updated my About section to share a little piece of my background if you are interested!

Today I’m blogging from Nashville, TN!  I am spending the weekend and part of next week at my parents house.  I have a 9-year-old brother and it is Spring Break for him.  I am basically just trying to live vicariously through him and pretending I’m on spring break too.

 photo 05-13-06017.jpg

This was me and my brother when I was in high school (we are 16 years apart!)  It is crazy that my daughter is about this age now!!

Since I was too lazy to pack my laptop, I am attempting to do this from my husband’s iPad.  Also, since last week was kind of a poopy one for me (and I also did a terrible job of taking pictures) this week’s 5 things will be all about the weekend ahead!  Bear with me guys, I’m a noob.

Thank you to the wonderful Clare for hosting!

5 Things I Want to Do:

  1. Get the movie Frozen and watch it with baby girl and bro.
  2. Spend some quality outdoor time with my bro… he’s such a video game addict!
  3. Going out to eat with my parents… and NOT stressing about it!  Not one bit.
  4. Read Divergent.  Yep, I went to WalMart last night and bought it.  I caved.
  5. Do some solo yoga + meditation (with the added bonus of having my parents to babysit!)

I know – I am such a party animal.  Spring Break 2014, you better watch out!

5 Things I Want to Eat:

  1. Tacos – preferably from the Local Taco.
  2. Anything from the Cheesecake Factory.  (We don’t have one in Lexington!)  Cheesecake is my kryptonite.
  3. Mom’s homemade chocolate cake.  Oh wait, I already had some.  I had it the second I walked in the door, actually.
  4. Salad.  Yep, I actually want it.  I’m not in the mood for cooked vegetables.  Salad it is.
  5. Well this isn’t a food buuuuttt…. sweet tea!  I’m back in the south y’all – sweet tea is a must.

5 Things I Want to Pray About:

  1. That my brother is happy, and that he will find a path to Jesus.  I won’t get into details, but the poor kid has it kinda rough.
  2. That everyone enjoys the company of family, and that this weekend will bring us closer to each other.
  3. That my parents, who I feel also struggle with disordered eating, find peace and self-acceptance, just as I am learning to do now.
  4. For the safety of my husband.  Who is going hiking and camping this weekend… and not like RV or even tent camping.  He’s carrying everything on a backpack and is sleeping in a hammock.  I will pray for his strength and for good weather!  And also that the bears are not hungry.
  5. That this weekend will give me time to rest, mentally and physically.  That it will strengthen my ED recovery process.

Hope everyone has a killer weekend!  And if it is spring break for you, be safe and have a blast!