WIAW – Highlights From the Week

Good morning!  I don’t know how the weather is where you all are… but this morning I woke up to THIS.

April 2014 023

Yesterday it was 81.  Eighty friggin one to snow in a matter of 12 hours.  Insanity.  Dear Kentucky weather – quit playin’ games with my heart.  My poor garden is freezing!  We were smart to cover the plants the best we could with sheets and tarps.  Let’s hope they make it!

For anyone who missed out on Monday’s post, you need to go back and read it NOW!  It’s not long, but it’s a big deal guys!  And y’all, seriously, thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words yesterday.  It is wonderful to have such support!

This week instead of giving a full day of eats, I decided to highlight some of my favorites from the week (well, at least the ones I remembered to photograph!)  Muchos gracias (did I even spell that right?) to the hostess with the mostest, Jenn!


A few weeks ago our old coffee grinder broke, and we finally got our new one in the mail.  Husband and I are ecstatic to have coffee back in our lives!  (Decaf for me of course!)  We have an espresso machine so you can’t use preground beans.  You grind them right before you use them and you have to use a finer grind setting.  You also have to use a good quality grinder that produces uniform-sized grinds.  Good coffee is complicated, but worth the hassle!

April 2014 025

I like to make a latte with 1 shot espresso and half almond milk, half whole milk.  I also use a drizzle of pure maple syrup to sweeten it.  The perfect balance!

April 2014 026

Now on the the food – let’s start with breakfast!

I made these delicious pancakes on our anniversary.  I smeared them with peanut butter then topped with a mixed berry chia seed compote and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Best breakfast of the week!

April 2014 008

Yogurt bowls were present as always.  Mango is my favorite fruit to pair with yogurt.  Now if I just had some salted pistachios, then we’d really be talking!

April 2014 013

Also lots of eggs, toast, and watermelon!  Hooray for watermelon season!

April 2014 024

Lunches tend to be the most hectic around here, so I am no bueno at getting pictures.  But I did make another batch of my killer chicken salad, and this time consumed it in wrap form!  I know these flat-out wraps are not the most natural, but the texture is so perfect!  They are like tortilla cloud pillows that don’t tear!  Love.

April 2014 028

Mac N Cheese Crack & Cheese was also consumed for lunch this day.  Toddler favorite of course.

April 2014 030April 2014 029

Dinner time!  I got a beef roast on major sale.  Can’t remember what cut it was, but at $2.99/lb. I was goin for it.  I first let the roast marinate in red wine for about 6 hours.  I then rubbed it with salt, pepper, and a bunch of random herbs.  Next, I seared it on the stovetop, then roasted for about an hour, maybe a little more.  Can’t even remember the temperature.  I’m a failure at recipes.  But it turned out good nonetheless!

April 2014 007

Served with green beans and mashed potatoes.  I didn’t have butter or milk so I used cream cheese –> brilliant idea!  P.S. NEVER use russets for mashed taters.  Those are for baking.  Get yourself some yukon golds!

Another simple, but delicious dinner was these paninis!  Pesto mayo, spinach, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella on potato bread.  Though I would definitely recommend something like ciabatta or sourdough for paninis.  Potato bread is much too soft!

April 2014 001

We had such a good time during our anniversary dinner out that I didn’t even pull my phone out once!  We obviously had lots of good things to talk about after what I announced Monday!  But yes sadly, no pictures of the fancy dinner.  There are more important things.

Oh yeah and disclaimer – just because I didn’t post any dessert pictures doesn’t mean I didn’t have any ;).  I mean come on, obviously there was chocolate.  But to me eating chocolate is basically like breathing oxygen… it happens without thinking!


How do you like your coffee?

Sandwiches or wraps?

Favorite childhood food?




9 thoughts on “WIAW – Highlights From the Week

    • Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt, fresh mangoes, Kashi vanilla graham clusters (not my favorite cereal!), pumpkin seeds, pecans, chia seeds, shredded coconut, cinnamon. Haha I think that is all! I think I’d typically pick sandwich over wrap, but I guess I was just ready for a change!

  1. I love my coffee good ol’ black because I’m usually having it alongside something. But your latte is really looking tempting right now..I’d have to go to a coffee shop for that!
    Your poor little plants! I hope they brave it out ok 🙂 .
    Childhood food: hmm..taystee wheat with a blob of butter..pb and honey sandwiches..cheesy spaghetti casserole..errr I’m getting hungry now 😉

    • Ack I somehow missed your comment yesterday! I loved how in SA you can get a nice latte or cappuccino at pretty much any restaurant. Here you have to go to a specialty coffee shop… Restaurants only have plain brewed coffee. And you’ll pay the equivalent of about 40 rand for that latte!

    • Thank you! I usually tend to go for the sandwiches too – simply because I feel like there are more interesting bread options out there than wraps.

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