A Short & Sweet Five Things Friday

Hello friends!  I am actually quite thankful for this lovely rainy Friday we are having here.  You heard me, I am happy it is raining… you see, now I don’t have to water all the plants.  Yep, gardener problems!

P.S. I can’t help it… I made my husband take a picture of me holding up the enormous tree that I chopped down by hand!  I also sawed of every. single. branch.  I am pretty much going to brag about this incredible feat of strength for the rest of my life.Image

So let’s just get on with the 5 Little Gems of Randomness In My Head:

  1. I feel like I have been neglecting the blog world a little bit this week.  This was just an especially crazy week at our house!  I have been reading everyone’s posts but haven’t really been commenting as much as usual.  I’ve actually read some really lovely posts lately and wish I wasn’t so busy!  Ah well, it happens.
  2. Much of the aforementioned craziness was associated with my swim team’s end of year banquet last night.  I had such a great time seeing all my kids again, and I can’t tell you how proud I am of them!  Ugh I am going to miss my seniors so so much!  My speech also didn’t go as terribly as planned – I am a rambler, so coherent speeches are not my cup of tea!  Everyone said I did great, but maybe they were just being nice ;). 
  3. Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary.  Since the banquet was on the same night, we are going to celebrate tonight by going to a restaurant downtown, Cole’s 735 Main.  Seriously, this menu is to die for!  I’ve got my eyes on: the baked brie, warm brussels sprout and bacon salad, shrimp & grits, and Moroccan butternut squash stew.  How on Earth will I decide???
  4. You know you spend a lot of money on food when… people at a very large grocery store know you and your daughter by name.  Also, when they give your kid free food so that she won’t be frustrated riding in the shopping cart.  Today, the produce manager gave her a banana and the cheese guy cut her a  wedge of Amish cheddar to nibble on.  I must be the Kroger VIP or something.
  5. I am in the process of working on a very important post.  It is a deep one that is difficult for me to write about.  I’m a little nervous about the feedback I’ll receive from it, but it feels like the right thing to do.  Plus, deep down, I personally feel like I WANT to share it.  I hope to get it up early next week, but I can’t make any promises!

Thanks to miss Clare for hosting our 5 Things Friday Linkup!

Are you good at giving speeches?

If you are married/in a relationship, where did you go for your last anniversary dinner?  What did you have to eat?  If you’re single, then what would you most want to have?

Umm… help me pick something from the Cole’s menu!



5 thoughts on “A Short & Sweet Five Things Friday

  1. Can I ask where you live? Praying you have the strength to write and post your thoughts with out fear. you always have very motivational and inspiring posts that help many of us!!

    Btw, do you eat lots of organic and grass fed foods?

    • I live in Lexington, KY. Thank you for the prayers of strength. They are very much appreciated! I used to be mostly vegetarian and would stick to natural grass-fed meats when I did eat meat. Same goes with organic produce, I bought it when available and reasonably priced. Nowadays, our family is working hard to pay off all our debts, so our grocery budget doesn’t allow the more expensive stuff. Food quality is important to me, but I don’t think I’m going to drop dead from eating conventional foods for a couple years haha.

  2. Happy Anniversary Syd! Ahhh Morrocon butternut stew just grabbed my taste buds there 😉 .
    I get busy with life too most of the time..and it doesn’t help that there are just too many fabulous blogs and bloggers out there.
    Wowee how cool about the grocery store! It must feel super homely!
    The swim team banquet sounds all kinds of fun. Hmm speeches…if its something I’m inspired about I reckon I could chat your ear off in a massive flow of words. I’m sure you did well girl 🙂 .
    Ohhh you have my interest roused with…I love abit of a controversial read if it means speaking up for one’s self 😉

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