WIAW – Adios, Winter! For Real This Time.

Many thanks to Jenn for hosting yet another What I Ate Wednesday! Before we get into today’s eats, I thought I’d expand on some stuff I discussed not too long ago regarding going back to full time employment. After some reflection I know that, in my heart, where I want to be is at home raising my baby/babies. BUT I also know that I am not in control of when the Lord will decide to expand our family, and I don’t think sitting around just waiting for it is the best option either. I h ave decided to to put myself out there and look for jobs that look like they could turn into promising careers. In other words, I am being picky! I have to make sure that I’m getting paid what I deserve and that it will offset the costs of paying for childcare. And I also have to make sure that it is something I can truly enjoy for the long haul. Right now there is only one job I’ve found that fits the bill… so we shall see where this leads!

On to the foods!  Today is all about warm weather foods.  My cravings seem to go along with the season.  So bye bye comfort food, hello fresh produce and ice cream!

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl again! I know, I know… I had a yogurt bowl last time I posted. But it is a yoga day and this seems to sit the best in my stomach, yet gives me the energy I need to get me though class without getting hungry.


My bowl was full of strawberries, kiwi, Cascadian Farm ancient grains granola (my fav!), raw oats, whole milk plain yogurt, shredded coconut, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and cinnamon! My husband is the one who contributed this cute little kitchen gadget to the marriage… a strawberry slicer! I actually laughed at him when he unpacked it to put in the kitchen when we first moved in together.


Lunch was a mega salad! Romaine, cucumber, avocado, tomato, gorgonzola cheese, pesto, dijon mustard, and balsamic glaze all topped with a runny yolk fried egg! I looooove runny eggs on top of my salad! I’ve you’ve never tried it then you MUST.


Lunch was followed by a little peanut butter – chocolate yogurt in a mug. Almost forgot to snap a pic but remembered toward the end. This stuff tastes like pudding!


I found myself still hungry about 20 minutes later and looked back and realized that I was seriously lacking in the carbs department! No wonder I was still hungry! I then had a slice of bread with nutella. No picture here because… well, as delicious as nutella+bread is, it is not the most visually pleasing.

I had 2 afternoon snacks today – both a savory and a sweet!  The savory was carrot sticks with Trader Joe’s spinach and kale dip.  The sweet was my modified version of ants on a log – celery topped with peanut butter, craisins, and mini chocolate chips!


Dinner was my delicious tilapia with mango salsa! This is such a great warm weather dish. We served it with a side of (white!) rice and asparagus (with butter, salt, and pepper). White rice is so much tastier than brown in my opinion. And hooray for asparagus season! One of my husband’s friends does a lot of gardening and he offered to give us an asparagus plant… pretty excited about that! Pretty soon our entire backyard will be garden, and I am okay with that.


Yeah, sorry about the sideways pic… there wasn’t a simple way to turn it around so I was like meh whatevs.  In case you’re wondering, the salsa has mango, red onion, jalapeno, red pepper, cucumber, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and pepper.  Good stuff, y’all!

We had some errands to run after dinner so dessert had to be put on hold for a while.  But you better believe it took me all of 5 seconds after we got back home for me to be in the kitchen whipping up some mug cakes.  I really wanted a milkshake but we didn’t have the ingredients.  These are vanilla cakes topped with peanut butter and more chocolate chips.


There may or may not have been a couple strawberries consumed before bed…

Incidences of chocolate in my day = 3.  Average.  Hope your day is ABOVE average – both in terms of chocolate as well as life in general 🙂

Tell me what awesome eats you’ve had lately!

What’s your favorite fish recipe?

How many times did you eat chocolate today?


7 thoughts on “WIAW – Adios, Winter! For Real This Time.

  1. Well, it’s 10 am and I’ve already had chocolate once so…I’m sure there will be more throughout the day :-p I love the look of that mango salsa! Eric isn’t a fan of fruit salsa, but I may have to whip one up just for me..

    • Aw man… dont you hate it when some of the best foods out there are not on the “partner/spouse-approved” list!?Haha I keep a list of the things mine doesn’t like and then cook them when he’s out of town for work!

    • Yes, I was eating my words when I made fun of the husband for the strawberry slicer… that thing works wonders! And yogurt goes with soooo many different things – it’s easy to get topping crazy!

  2. I’m reading this while breakfasting on peanut butter,honey oatmeal so I’m going to fess up on yesterdays chocolate count. 2 times..and that’s only because I was very much into other forms of sweetness (*cough* apple pie). I’m switching into “comfort food” mode..its getting cold over here 🙂 . I didn’t know a strawberry slicer existed! How nifty 🙂 !

  3. what brand has chocolate yogurt?? What brand yogurt do you like? Also, how do you make your mug cakes and mango salsa? That breakfast looks so incredible!!!! I wish I could handle salads, but my tummy aches with raw veggies. The ED??

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