Five Things Friday 3.28.14

It’s Friday everyone! And you know what that means… time to make lists! And try to keep them limited to 5 things! Thanks to Clare for hosting once again. Let’s start with the heavier stuff so we can get that over with first!

Five Things I’m Fretting About:

  1. My weight is continuing to go up and up! I was hoping I’d reach some sort of plateau but it doesn’t seem like I’m at that point yet. I think I may need to go above my weight set point before I can reach true recovery. I am okay with this, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to swallow. No changes to the plan.
  2. I am at a loss as to what to do about buying a swimsuit for this year. My old ones don’t fit and I’m going to Florida in May. I’ve got too much badonk these days for size XS string bikinis. Also, my tops from last year are too big because I was breastfeeding. I am considering getting a more conservative style… maybe a high waisted bikini or even a one-piece? But if I must be honest, that is truly not my personal style. I am a beachy bikini type of girl. I’ve always though I looked good enough to wear whatever I wanted. But now I am torn between “screw it, I gonna show off my bigger body just the same” and “maybe I’d feel more comfortable with a little extra coverage.” Thoughts please????
  3. I’m still trying to decide what to do about the whole amenorrhea thing. A little less than two months ago, I visited my midwife and we spoke about me wanting to conceive yet still having no period. She is well aware of my exercise tendencies and that is the first thing she questioned me about. But I had also quit breastfeeding 4 months before that and she said that it can take some time, but that it should definitely be back by 6 months (my daughter is 18 months now). She said if I hadn’t had a cycle and wasn’t pregnant in 2 months, that I should come back to get my hormones tested. So we are approaching that deadline and I’m wondering if I should just give it more time or if I should go through the tests and get my hormones checked. I was realllly hoping that I could just blame my amenorrhea on breastfeeding, but I think we all know that my food restriction/over exercising has created my hormonal imbalance.
  4. I’m worried that it will take a long time before I can have another baby. When we had our first, we made the decision as a family for me to put my career on hold to focus on raising a family. We wanted to have 3 kids or so with about 2 years in between them. I had planned on resuming my career once the youngest was pre-school aged. But things don’t always work out as planned. I am feeling a bit guilty that I am not contributing as much to the family financially as I could be and I am starting to feel that pull toward going back to full-time employment. But I am also afraid that I will get pregnant as soon as I land a decent job. My husband and I both wholeheartedly agree that I should stay home with a newborn for the first year. I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding and pumping all day at work is just not the same. I know every mother is different in this respect, but my maternal instincts tell me that I need to nurture that bond with my infant by being the primary caregiver for at least the first year.
  5. On the same token, I know that medical options exist that could increase my chances of conception. I’m just really iffy about that kind of stuff. I had such a beautiful, healthy, natural pregnancy and delivery the first time around. I want to do everything in my power to make sure that all my children get that same benefit. I need to do more research on potential risks of fertility drugs, etc.

Phew! Okay, I know that was not the most positive and uplifting thing to read on a Friday. But it feels good to get it off my chest. I am thankful that I have you all who are willing to listen! On to better things!

Five Good Reads this week:

  1. The Cure for Not Being Good Enough – The Great Fitness Experiment
  2. Digestive Issues? It’s Time to Blame the Vegetables – The Big Man’s World
  3. Tummy Troubles – Your Eatopia
  4. Strangers Intervene to Save Life of Anorexic Woman – The Tennessean (this happened in my hometown!)
  5. Allegiant! I mean duh. It’s kindof angsty right now… I really hope there’s a happy ending!

Five Things I’ve Eaten:

  1. Spaghetti Squash Pizza Pie from Wednesday (will DEF be making again!)
  2. Blue-greens with Butternut (I used to have a healthy recipe blog and this was on there!)
  3. Caprese Salad with cilantro and balsamic reduction (also on my old website)
  4. Mug cakes for days… I just mix random things into a mug, throw it in the microwave, and it usually turns out delicious!
  5. Free samples at Kroger… everything from fresh juice to cake to doughnuts to cheese and sausage! Our store had the grand reopening yesterday. We even scored 3 lbs of free ground beef for being one of the first 500 customers!

Five Things I’m Looking Forward to:

  1. Warm weather finally coming back after spring decided to greet us with another mini-blizzard. My baby has cabin fever y’all. We need to play OUTSIDE!
  2. I’m going to Florida in May with my dad’s side of the family. Sooooo ready for the beach. Sooooo sick of being pale!
  3. Planting my little sprouts! The ground should be warm enough by Sunday.
  4. Outdoor pool season. I will feel like a spectacular parent if my children do nothing more than become the biggest pool rats of all time. Man those were they days. Sometimes I’d go to my neighborhood pool around 10:00 for swim practice and then stay there literally ALL DAY until it closed at 8. People often thought my sister and I were Hispanic, and that does not surprise me one little bit. Good times.
  5. MARCH MADNESS Y’ALL!!! IT’S BASKETBALL TIME IN KENTUCKYYYYYY!!!! The Cats made it to the Sweet 16! And of course we’re playing Louisville of all teams. The rivalry is REAL y’all. There is so much smack talking going around down here. You just don’t understand what basketball means to us here. I am so hyped for this game! (Sidenote – I will be using the aforementioned free ground beef to make burgers during the game; this will be my first REAL burger in years! Yay for recovery!)

Kentucky Basketball. Jarrod Polson in Big Blue Madness 2013.




So for swimsuits… should I go skimpy? Or conservative?

Should I go get my hormones tested? Or should I give it some extra time in hopes that recovery solves my fertility issues?

Should I start looking for jobs again? Or again, should I give it more time?

Sorry guys, I need some advice today. But I do want to know… which basketball team are you supporting this year??



10 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 3.28.14

  1. The only reason I’m going to be cheering you on for “conservative” is because I’m not a fan of skimpy swimsuits, regardless of the body wearing them…you know..the most beauty is that which isn’t all exposed.
    Amenorrhea; I know when I went to get my 4 year missing periods investigated, they had a hormone test done which came out fine. I think its a good idea to make sure all is well..but dang does it cost a lot to give your blood away :-p .
    I’m so happy you enjoyed sampling!..that’s a major accomplishment. I could go for a donut now..chocolate glazed please πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for your input on the swimsuit. I’m probs gonna spend like 4 hours trying on different types to see what works! And my medical insurance should cover the bloodwork – and even if it doesn’t we have an FSA account for medical spending. It’s more like “is this really even going to help me or just make me more frustrated?” ya know? And yes, you SHOULD go get a chocolate glazed donut πŸ™‚

    • Haha I’ve been creepin on your blog for the past few days, and that post about the veggies really hit home for me! Looking forward to reading more from you as well!

  2. I’m proud of you for sticking with the process so far! And getting your hormones tested might be a good idea. I got mine tested, as well as did a progesterone test, which for me really solidified that I need to stick to the higher intake/less exercise process. As for the bathing suit – wear whatever you’re going to feel most comfortable in! If you prefer bikinis, then rock one – don’t feel you have to go conservative just because your body has changed.
    As for going above your ‘set point’ to get your period back – most people who have gone through this process that I’ve spoken to have told me that this happens. It’s part of the process – your body is used to having less energy than it needs, so for a while anything it gets, it stores. Eventually, it evens out as your metabolism and hormone functions catch up.
    Proud of you for all the process you’ve made so far!

    • Thank you! I’m starting to think the hormone test is a good idea… I mean I feel like on of 2 things will prob happen – either I find hard evidence that I need to keep doing what I’m doing or we find out that there is some other underlying problem that needs to be addressed. The only thing I’m afraid of is that they find NOTHING wrong at all and then I’m just sitting there wondering why the heck I have amenorrhea.
      As for swimsuits, I think I’m going to devote a whole afternoon to doing nothing but trying on a jillion different styles to see what I like! And yeah, I kindof figured I’d have to overshoot on my weight, though I was secretly hoping that I’d just go back to my pre-ED weight. I am just having to put all my trust into my body… it knows where it needs to be much better than my mind does, and I need to respect that! So glad to have your support Sam!

    • I love all the retro styles! But I feel like I would look so awkward in them… Fashion and style are not my strong points! I guess we shall see once I try them all on!

  3. Nothing wrong with too much badonk! I embrace it. πŸ˜€
    I think a high waisted one would be cute!
    You’ve had some good eats lately.
    See how eating more works with your hormones. Your body needs the nutrients. It takes time.

    • Thank ya sweetie πŸ™‚ Yeah when I think about how long I damaged my body for (5 years!) it is silly to think that it can be fixed overnight. Patience has never been one of my strong suits but it’s something I’m working on!

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