Five Things Friday – Family Style

Well, the baby and I are back to home sweet home Kentucky.  As much as I miss the good ole fam, it’s good to be back!  If you recall last Friday I wrote about all the things I planned to do, so let’s just see how that all panned out shall we?

Five Things I Did in Tennessee:

  1. Read Divergent.  And Insurgent.  In 4 days.  Can you say addicted????
  2. Went clothes shopping.  (Ahem, I am about 2 sizes bigger!  Very much needed!)
  3. Went out to eat… a lot!  Newks, Old Chicago, Pei Wei, La Hacienda (local Mexican) were all visited.  It was so nice not having to cook every single meal.  It’s crazy how much time it frees up!


  4. Went to the park 3 times!  Baby girl and baby bro (a.k.a. niece and uncle?? haha) were really hitting it off.  Despite the 7 year age gap, they are BFFs now.  I tried to convince him to do yoga with me but he wasn’t feelin it.
  5. Took baby girl to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.  It was disappointing that she was terrified of all the little kiddie games/rides.20140320-200302.jpg

Not so crazy about the merry go round.  And I was holding her hand.

Five Words my Toddler Says:

  1. Cracker – “kwoh-kwoh”
  2. Night-night – “nigh-niiiighhhh”
  3. Juba (our dog) – “Dooba!”
  4. Banana – “menumana”
  5. No – “no, no, no, no, no”

Five Things I’m Growing in my Backyard this Year (or at least attempting to…)

  1. Kale
  2. Broccoli
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Basil

Tomorrow is garden day for us.  We’re gonna get lay down some fresh soil over the existing plant beds and build a brand new raised bed in the backyard.  Time to get dirty!  Bad news is that it’s going to snow again before we can plant anything.  My dining room table is full of little sprouts!

Five things I’m looking forward to this week:

  1. The arrival of some clothes I ordered from J.Crew Factory.  Eeeek I hope they fit cause they were soooo cute!
  2. Gettin dirty in the garden!  No really, it’s fun!
  3. Reading some more 7 Habits and daily devotionals… I kinda let it slide while I was at home.
  4. Cooking!  Taking a break has renewed my desire to be creative in the kitchen.  I made this oven “fried” chicken last night and it was freaking delicious, y’all.  It needed some sweet tea though.


  5. Watching the Divergent movie!!!!  (Oh wait, that’s not going to happen.  Unless by some miracle I can convince my husband to watch her while I go alone.  We are on a tight budget and I probably should be responsible and wait for it to hit the dollar theater… le sigh.)

If anyone watches Divergent, could you please just lie to me and tell me it sucked so that I won’t be so miserable?? Thanks.

Have a spectacular Friday!



5 thoughts on “Five Things Friday – Family Style

    • So good! I’m going to get Allegiant this week… I was planning to sit patiently on the waitlist at our library, but I don’t think I’ll make it haha!

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