Five Things Friday 3.14.14

Note:  I have updated my About section to share a little piece of my background if you are interested!

Today I’m blogging from Nashville, TN!  I am spending the weekend and part of next week at my parents house.  I have a 9-year-old brother and it is Spring Break for him.  I am basically just trying to live vicariously through him and pretending I’m on spring break too.

 photo 05-13-06017.jpg

This was me and my brother when I was in high school (we are 16 years apart!)  It is crazy that my daughter is about this age now!!

Since I was too lazy to pack my laptop, I am attempting to do this from my husband’s iPad.  Also, since last week was kind of a poopy one for me (and I also did a terrible job of taking pictures) this week’s 5 things will be all about the weekend ahead!  Bear with me guys, I’m a noob.

Thank you to the wonderful Clare for hosting!

5 Things I Want to Do:

  1. Get the movie Frozen and watch it with baby girl and bro.
  2. Spend some quality outdoor time with my bro… he’s such a video game addict!
  3. Going out to eat with my parents… and NOT stressing about it!  Not one bit.
  4. Read Divergent.  Yep, I went to WalMart last night and bought it.  I caved.
  5. Do some solo yoga + meditation (with the added bonus of having my parents to babysit!)

I know – I am such a party animal.  Spring Break 2014, you better watch out!

5 Things I Want to Eat:

  1. Tacos – preferably from the Local Taco.
  2. Anything from the Cheesecake Factory.  (We don’t have one in Lexington!)  Cheesecake is my kryptonite.
  3. Mom’s homemade chocolate cake.  Oh wait, I already had some.  I had it the second I walked in the door, actually.
  4. Salad.  Yep, I actually want it.  I’m not in the mood for cooked vegetables.  Salad it is.
  5. Well this isn’t a food buuuuttt…. sweet tea!  I’m back in the south y’all – sweet tea is a must.

5 Things I Want to Pray About:

  1. That my brother is happy, and that he will find a path to Jesus.  I won’t get into details, but the poor kid has it kinda rough.
  2. That everyone enjoys the company of family, and that this weekend will bring us closer to each other.
  3. That my parents, who I feel also struggle with disordered eating, find peace and self-acceptance, just as I am learning to do now.
  4. For the safety of my husband.  Who is going hiking and camping this weekend… and not like RV or even tent camping.  He’s carrying everything on a backpack and is sleeping in a hammock.  I will pray for his strength and for good weather!  And also that the bears are not hungry.
  5. That this weekend will give me time to rest, mentally and physically.  That it will strengthen my ED recovery process.

Hope everyone has a killer weekend!  And if it is spring break for you, be safe and have a blast!


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 3.14.14

    • Oh my gosshh I’m already halfway through the second book. Thank goodness I’m sortof on “spring break” or else I’d get nothing done! And cheesecake factory is life-changing… seriously. If you ever have an opportunity to go, then do it!

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