Thank you, yoga.

I just have to give a big thanks to yoga for pulling me out of my funk that I’ve been in the last couple days.  (Yeah, sorry about the negative nancy post yesterday… but hey sometimes I gotta be real!)

Yesterday was an overall terrible day that ended on a poor note of stepping on the scale.  Why?  I just couldn’t take the unknown anymore.  Curiosity got the best of me.  I was spending all day wondering how much I weighed.  Instead of just trying to ignore and not care about it, I chose to know my weight and accept it.  I won’t lie – I didn’t like the numbers.  But after some sleep and a good yoga class, the numbers don’t seem to bother me nearly as much.

For all you MinnieMauders out there (or those who are familiar with the method), I am aware that I should not exercise during recovery.  I talk about my reasons for continuing to do light yoga in My Recovery Plan.

And today, my eyes were opened to yet another wonderful benefit of yoga – the state of mental rest and spiritual enrichment that it provides.  I finally had that “aha” moment where yoga just clicked for me.

Every day we start by acknowledging our intention for our practice – a “goal” so to speak.  We affirm that intention to our minds and then seal it to our hearts.  We reaffirm this intention after we have completed our practice.  In the past I have chosen happiness, peace, balance, and fertility as intentions for my yoga practices.  Today, a new one came to mind… self-acceptance.  To simply be, and be okay with it.

Once I sealed that intention to my heart, I just knew it was right.  I had by far the best yoga class I’ve ever had – I breathed through the poses with ease and reached new levels of flexibility.  At the end of the class, I felt fulfilled.  I accepted myself.  It was glorious.  I hope I can carry that intention with me throughout the day!

Before, I was unsure whether or not I should be doing yoga – but now I am confident that is exactly what I need right now.  I am very grateful for how yoga keeps me grounded and opens my heart and mind so that I am able to learn more about my self.

Any yogis out there?  What kind of yoga is your favorite?

Do you think that yoga can be a part of a good eating disorder recovery plan?  Or do you consider it “exercise” to be avoided?


4 thoughts on “Thank you, yoga.

    • Haha the classes I go to are at the YMCA. It’s nice because it’s so affordable and there are plenty of classes offered plus free childcare. But I don’t think the classes stick to any true yoga style – it sortof just depends on the instructor. My favorite is the vinyasa flow class… the teacher takes it nice and easy and teaches in levels. I have to be careful not to overdo it since exercise is not recommended for those going through ED recovery!

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